We Could Learn A Lot from Geese

I wonder how many Canadian Geese there are in Pigeon Forge? 

I love that they come to visit each morning here at Asbury Cottages. Sometimes they stop in the yard for a bug snack and sometimes they just fly over, but they always honk “hello” as they pass through. 

I don’t think very many of the Pigeon Forge feathered friends fly further south for the winter, because I see them even when we are here in December. 

I find it fascinating how they fly in a “V” in order to maximize their energy. They take turns being the leader. They cheer each other on with their honking and they will stay with a sick or injured comrade until it is well enough to fly. 

They are God’s perfect example of teamwork. 

We could learn a lot from geese.  

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